Efficient Private Record Linkage

Yakout, Mohamed; Atallah, Mikhail J.; Elmagarmid, Ahmed K.
Yakout, M
Elmagarmid, A
Atallah, M
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10 - 49
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Record linkage is the computation of the associations among records of multiple databases. It arises in contexts like the integration of such databases, online interactions and negotiations, and many others. The autonomous entities who wish to carry out the record matching computation are often reluctant to fully share their data. In such a framework where the entities are unwilling to share data with each other, the problem of carrying out the linkage computation without full data exchange has been called private record linkage. Previous private record linkage techniques have made use of a third party. We provide efficient techniques for private record linkage that improve on previous work in that (i) they make no use of a third party; (ii) they achieve much better performance than that of previous schemes in terms of execution time and quality of output (i.e., practically without false negatives and minimal false positives). Our software implementation provides experimental validation of our approach and the above claims.