Damia: data mashups for intranet applications

Simmen, DE; Altinel, M; Markl, V; Padmanabhan, A; Singh, H
Simmen, D
Altinel, M
Markl, V
Padmanabhan, A
Singh, H
Proceedings of the 2008 ACM SIGMOD international conference ...
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Increasingly large numbers of situational applications are being created by enterprise business users as a by-product of solving day-to-day problems. In efforts to address the demand for such applications, corporate IT is moving toward Web 2.0 architectures. In particular, the corporate intranet is evolving into a platform of readily accessible data and services where communities of business users can assemble and deploy situational applications. Damia is a web style data integration platform being developed to address the data problem presented by such applications, which often access and combine data from a variety of sources. Damia allows business users to quickly and easily create data mashups that combine data from desktop, web, and traditional IT sources into feeds that can be consumed by AJAX, and other types of web applications. This paper describes the key features and design of Damia's data integration engine, which has been packaged with Mashup Hub, an enterprise feed server currently available for download on IBM alphaWorks. Mashup Hub exposes Damia's data integration capabilities in the form of a service that allows users to create hosted data mashups.

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