Mashlight: a Lightweight Mashup Framework for Everyone

Albinola, M; Baresi, L; Carcano, M; Guinea, S
Albinola, M
Baresi, L
Carcano, M
Guinea, S
Workshop on Mashups, Enterprise Mashups and Lightweight Composition on the Web (MEM)
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Recently, Web 2.0 has brought a storm on web applica-
tion development. In particular, mashups have greatly en-
hanced user creativity across the web, allowing end-users to
rapidly combine information from diverse sources, and in-
tegrate them into \new" goal-oriented applications. In the
meantime, widgets (also built withWeb 2.0 technology) have
also gained a lot of momentum. Indeed, they have become
ever more present in our every day lives, even appearing as
rst class players in our operating systems (e.g., Mac OS X
and Windows 7).
In this paper we present Mashlight: a lightweight frame-
work for creating and executing mashups that combines these
two worlds. Indeed, it provides users with a simple means
to create \process-like" mashups using \widget-like" Web
2.0 applications. Even users that have no technical know-
how can string together building blocks {taken from an ex-
tensible library{ to de ne the application they need. The
framework is implemented using common Web technology,
meaning our mashups can be run from di erent kinds of
devices, in a lightweight fashion without the overhead of a
complex application server. The paper presents the main
concepts behind Mashlight blocks and Mashlight processes,
and demonstrate our prototype on a concrete example.

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