Multimedia interpretation for dynamic ontology evolution

Castano, S; Peraldi, ISE; A Ferrara,A; Karkaletsis, V; Kaya, A; Möller, R;Montanelli, S;Petasis, G; Wessel, M
Castano, S
Peraldi, ISE
Ferrara, A
Karkaletsis, V
Kaya, A
Möller, R
Montanelli, S
Petasis, G
Wessel, M
Journal of Logic and Computation Advance Access
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The recent success of distributed and dynamic infrastructures for knowledge sharing has raised the need for semiautomatic/automatic ontology evolution strategies. Ontology evolution is generally defined as the timely adaptation of an ontology to changing requirements and the consistent propagation of changes to dependent artifacts. In this article, we present an ontology evolution approach in the context of multimedia interpretation. Ontology evolution in this context relies on the results obtained through reasoning for the interpretation of multimedia resources, through population of the ontology with new individuals or through enrichment of the ontology with new concepts and new semantic relations. The article analyses the results of interpretation, population and enrichment obtained in evaluation experiments in terms of measures such as precision and recall. The evaluation reveals encouraging results.