STBenchmark: towards a benchmark for mapping systems

Alexe, B; Tan, WC; Velegrakis, Y
Alexe, B
Tan, WC
Velegrakis, Y
Proc. VLDB 2008
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50 - 99
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A fundamental problem in information integration is to precisely specify the relationships, called mappings, between schemas. Designing mappings is a time-consuming process. To alleviate this problem, many mapping systems have been developed to assist the design of mappings. However, a benchmark for comparing and evaluating these systems has not yet been developed.

We present STBenchmark, a solution towards a much needed benchmark for mapping systems. We first describe the challenges that are unique to the development of benchmarks for mapping systems. After this, we describe the three components of STBenchmark: (1) a basic suite of mapping scenarios that we believe represents a minimum set of transformations that should be readily supported by any mapping system, (2) a mapping scenario generator as well as an instance generator that can produce complex mapping scenarios and, respectively, instances of varying sizes of a given schema, (3) a simple usability model that can be used as a first-cut measure on the case of use of a mapping system. We use STBenchmark to evaluate four mapping systems and report our results, as well as describe some interesting observations.