Rule-based Generation of Diff Evolution Mappings between Ontology Versions

Hartung, M; Gross, A; Rahm, E
Hartung, M
Gross, A
Rahm, E
Arxiv preprint arXiv:1010.0122, Univ. of Leipzig, 2010
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1 - 9
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Ontologies such as taxonomies, product catalogs or
web directories are heavily used and hence evolve frequently
to meet new requirements or to better reflect the current instance
data of a domain. To effectively manage the evolution
of ontologies it is essential to identify the difference (Diff) between
two ontology versions. We propose a novel approach to
determine an expressive and invertible diff evolution mapping
between given versions of an ontology. Our approach utilizes
the result of a match operation to determine an evolution
mapping consisting of a set of basic change operations (insert/
update/delete). To semantically enrich the evolution mapping
we adopt a rule-based approach to transform the basic
change operations into a smaller set of more complex change
operations, such as merge, split, or changes of entire subgraphs.
The proposed algorithm is customizable in different
ways to meet the requirements of diverse ontologies and application
scenarios. We evaluate the proposed approach by
determining and analyzing evolution mappings for real-world
life science ontologies and web directories.