Evolution of Biomedical Ontologies and Mappings: Overview of Recent Approaches

Groß, A.; Pruski, C.; Rahm, E.
Groß, A
Rahm, E
Pruski, C
Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal
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Biomedical ontologies are heavily used to annotate data, and different ontologies are often interlinked by ontology mappings. These ontology-based mappings and annotations are used in many applications and analysis tasks. Since biomedical ontologies are continuously updated dependent artifacts can become outdated and need to undergo evolution as well. Hence there is a need for largely automated approaches to keep ontology-based mappings up-to-date in the presence of evolving ontologies. In this article, we survey current approaches and novel directions in the context of ontology and mapping evolution. We will discuss requirements for mapping adaptation and provide a comprehensive overview on existing approaches. We will further identify open challenges and outline ideas for future developments.