Evolution - The Other Side of the XML Update Coin

Klettke, M.; Meyer, H.; Hänsel, B.
Klettke, M
Meyer, H
Hänsel, B
2nd Int. Workshop on XML Schema and Data Management (XSDM), Tokio, 2005
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1 - 9

Updates for XML are a quite new research area. Many applications need not only to transform or search XML documents but to alter them. Nowadays, there are some suggestions for update languages, and some XML database systems support updates operations via special APIs. In all update languages the content and the structure of documents can be changed. That means, documents may invalidate the XML schema after or during accomplishing an update.
In this article, we suggest different architectures for processing such updates. Some of them reject updates that violate the schema, others entail a schema evolution that generalizes the schema. We point out necessary evolution steps and show implications of the schema evolution. With the discussion of architectures for executing updates we will focus on problems that can occur by updating XML documents. These questions have to be considered in all implementations that update XML documents.