Schema Evolution for XML: A Consistency-preserving Approach

Bouchou, B.; Duarte, D.; Halfeld, M.; Alves, M. H. F.; Laurent, D.; Musicante, M.
Bouchou, B
Duarte, D
Halfeld, M
Alves, M
Laurent, D
Musicante, M
29th International Symposium, Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science MFCS 2004
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10 - 49

This paper deals with updates of XML documents that satisfy
a given schema, e.g., a DTD. In this context, when a given update
violates the schema, it might be the case that this update is accepted,
thus implying to change the schema. Our method is intended to be used
by a data administrator who is an expert in the domain of application of
the database, but who is not required to be a computer science expert.
Our approach consists in proposing different schema options that are
derived from the original one. The method is consistency-preserving:
documents valid with respect to the original schema remain valid. The
schema evolution is implemented by an algorithm (called GREC) that performs
changes on the graph of a finite state automaton and that generates
regular expressions for the modified graphs. Each regular expression
proposed by GREC is a choice of schema given to the administrator.