Schema evolution in data warehouses

Bellahsene, Z.
Bellahsene, Z
Knowledge and Information Systems. Vol. 4(3), 2002
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50 - 99

In this paper, we address the issues related to the evolution and maintenance of data warehousing systems, when underlying data sources change their schema capabilities. These changes can invalidate views at the data warehousing system. We present an approach for dynamically adapting views according to schema changes arising on source relations. This type of maintenance concerns both the schema and the data of the data warehouse. The main issue is to avoid the view recomputation from scratch especially when views are defined from multiple sources. The data of the data warehouse is used primarily in organizational decision-making and may be strategic. Therefore, the schema of the data warehouse can evolve for modeling new requirements resulting from analysis or data-mining processing. Our approach provides means to support schema evolution of the data warehouse independently of the data sources.