The PROMPT suite: interactive tools for ontology merging and mapping

Noy, N.F.; Musen, M.A.
Noy, N
Musen, M
International Journal of Human-Computer Studies
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500 - 999

Researchers in the ontology-design field have developed the content for ontologies in many domain areas. This distributed nature of ontology development has led to a large number of ontologies covering overlapping domains. In order for these ontologies to be reused, they first need to be merged or aligned to one another. We developed a suite of tools for managing multiple ontologies. These suite provides users with a uniform framework for comparing, aligning, and merging ontologies, maintaining versions, translating between different formalisms. Two of the tools in the suite support semi-automatic ontology merging: Prompt is an interactive ontology-merging tool that guides the user through the merging process, presenting him with suggestions for next steps and identifying inconsistencies and potential problems. AnchorPrompt uses a graph structure of ontologies to find correlation between concepts and to provide additional information for Prompt.