Towards a taxonomy of software evolution

Mens, T; Buckley, J; Zenger, M; Rashid, A
Mens, T
Buckley, J
Zenger, M
Rashid, A
Proc. Workshop on Unanticipated Software Evolution
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50 - 99

Previous taxonomies of software evolution have focused on the purpose of the change (i.e., the why)
rather than the underlying mechanisms. This paper proposes a taxonomy of software evolution based
on the characterizing mechanisms of change and the factors that influence these mechanisms. The
taxonomy is organized into the following logical groupings: temporal properties, objects of change,
system properties, and change support.
The ultimate goal of this taxonomy is to provide a framework that positions concrete tools, formalisms
and methods within the domain of software evolution. Such a framework would considerably
ease comparison between these tools, formalisms and methods. It would also allow practitioners to
evaluate their potential use in particular change scenarios. As an initial step towards this taxonomy,
the paper presents a framework that can be used to characterize software change support tools and
to identify the factors that impact on the use of these tools. The framework is evaluated by applying
it to three different change support tools and by comparing these tools based on this analysis.