MDM: a Multiple-Data-Model Tool for the Management of Heterogeneous Database Schemes

Atzeni, P.; Torlone, R.
Atzeni, P
Torlone, R
SIGMOD Conf. 1997
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10 - 49
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MDM is a tool that enables the users to define schemes of different data models and to perform translations of schemes from one model to another. These functionalities can be at the basis of a customizable and integrated CASE environment supporting the analysis and design of information systems. MDM has two main components: the Model Manager and the Schema Manager. The Model Manager supports a specialized user, the model engineer, in the definition of a variety of models, on the basis of a limited set of metaconstructs covering almost all known conceptual models. The Schema Manager allows designers to create and modify schemes over the defined models, and to generate at each time a translation of a scheme into any of the data models currently available. Translations between models are automatically derived, at definition time, by combing a predefined set of elementary transformations, which implement the standard translations between simple combinations of constructs.