Repository Support for Data Warehouse Evolution

Quix, C
Quix, C
Proc. Int. Workshop on Design and Management of Data Warehouses (DMDW)
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Data warehouses are complex systems consisting
of many components which store highlyaggregated
data for decision support. Due to the
role of the data warehouses in the daily business
work of an enterprise, the requirements for the
design and the implementation are dynamic and
subjective. Therefore, data warehouse design is a
continuous process which has to reflect the changing
environment of a data warehouse, i.e. the data
warehouse must evolve in reaction to the enterprise’s
evolution. Based on existing meta models
for the architecture and quality of a data warehouse,
we propose in this paper a data warehouse
process model to capture the dynamics of a data
warehouse. The evolution of a data warehouse is
represented as a special process and the evolution
operators are linked to the corresponding architecture
components and quality factors they affect.
We show the application of our model on schema
evolution in data warehouses and its consequences
on data warehouse views. The models have been
implemented in the metadata repository Concept-
Base which can be used to analyze the result of
evolution operations and to monitor the quality of
a data warehouse.