SAMBO - A System for Aligning and Merging Biomedical Ontologies

Lambrix, P; Tan, H
Lambrix, P
Tan, H
Journal of Web Semantics
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100 - 499
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Due to the recent explosion of the amount of on-line accessible
biomedical data and tools, finding and retrieving the relevant information
is not an easy task. The vision of a Semantic Web for life
sciences alleviates these difficulties. A key technology for the Semantic
Web are ontologies. In recent years many biomedical ontologies
have been developed and many of these ontologies contain overlapping
information. To be able to use multiple ontologies they have to be
aligned or merged. In this paper we propose a framework for aligning
and merging ontologies. Further, we developed a system for aligning
and merging biomedical ontologies (SAMBO) based on this framework.
The framework is also a first step towards a general framework that can
be used for comparative evaluations of alignment strategies and their
combinations. In this paper we evaluated different strategies and their
combinations in terms of quality and processing time and compared
SAMBO with two other systems.