Management of Executable Schema Mappings for XML Data Exchange

Pankowski, T.
Pankowski, T
EDBT 2006 Workshop
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10 - 49

Executable schema mappings between XML schemas are essential
to support numerous data management tasks such as data exchange,
data integration and schema evolution. The novelty of this paper
consists in a method for automatic generation of automappings (automorphisms)
from key constraints and value dependencies over XML
schemas, and designing algebraic operations on mappings and schemas
represented by automappings. During execution of mappings some missing
or incomplete data may be inferred. A well-defined executable semantics
for mappings and operations on mappings are proposed. A mapping
language XDMap to specify XML schema mappings is discussed. The
language allows to specify executable mappings that can be used to compute
target instances from source instances preserving key constraints
and value dependencies. The significance of mappings and operators over
mappings is discussed on a scenario of data exchange in a P2P setting.