Weaving Models with the Eclipse AMW plugin

Del Fabro, M. D.; Bezivin, J.; Valduriez, P.
Del Fabro, M
Bezivin, J
Valduriez, P
Eclipse Modeling Symp., Eclipse Summit Europe 2006, Esslingen, Germany.
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100 - 499

The basic assumption in model engineering (MDE) is to consider
models as first class entities. One of the most important kinds of models in
MDE approaches are transformation models. Transformation models define
operations between different models. However, there are many operations that
are not efficiently handled by generic model transformations. For example,
models transformations are not adapted to define and to capture relationships
between models elements. Relationships between model elements are present in
many different application scenarios, such as specification of transformations,
traceability, or model alignment. We propose the use of weaving models to
capture relationships between model elements. Weaving models can be used in
different application scenarios, because they conform to different extensions of
a core weaving metamodel. In this paper, we explain in detail what a model
weaving is. We present a set of application scenarios, and we extract a set of
basic requirements for creating relationships between model elements. Based on
that, we define a core weaving metamodel, metamodel extensions, and describe
a set of methods to create weaving models. We implement an Eclipse plugin
named AMW (ATLAS Model Weaver) to support the creation of these weaving
metamodels and models.