Ontology Matching

Euzenat, J.; Shvaiko, P.
Euzenat, J
Shvaiko, P
Springer, ISBN:978-3-540-49611-3
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Ontologies are viewed as the silver bullet for many applications: database integration, peer-to-peer systems, e-commerce, semantic web services, social networks and more. However, in open or evolving systems, different parties can adopt different ontologies. Instead of reducing heterogeneity, this raises heterogeneity problems to a higher level.
This book proposes ontology matching as a solution to the problem of semantic heterogeneity. Ontology matching seeks correspondences between semantically related entities of different ontologies. In addition to equivalence, it explores relations such as consequence, subsumption, or disjointness between ontology entities. The book also describes a variety of matching tools: databases, information systems, artificial intelligence.
Ontology Matching offers researchers and practitioners a reference to currently available work in a uniform framework. In particular, the techniques presented in this book can equally be applied to database schema matching, catalog integration, XML schema matching and other related problems. The objectives of the book include presenting the state of the art, and presenting the latest research results in ontology matching by providing a logical account of matching techniques and matching systems from theoretical, practical and application perspectives.