TReMer: A tool for relationship-driven model merging

Sabetzadeh, M; Nejati, S
Sabetzadeh, M
Nejati, S
14th Int. Symp. on Formal Methods (FM’06)
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We describe a tool, TReMer, for performing the merge
operation in a model-driven development setting. Merge is arguably one of the most
important model management operations and is useful as a way of consolidating a set
of models to gain a unified perspective, to understand their interactions, or to perform
various types of end-to-end analysis over them.
TReMer draws on the theory developed in our earlier work where we
describe how a set of models can be merged w.r.t. known or hypothesized relationships
between them. We treat model relationships as explicit artifacts. This treatment offers
two major advantages: Firstly, it makes our tool adaptable to different modelling domains.
In particular, explicit relationships make
it possible to provide a unified merge framework for both structural and behavioural
modelling domains. Secondly, explicit relationships facilitate the exploration of merge
alternatives by allowing users to articulate each alternative in a precise way.