MeDEA: A database evolution architecture with traceability.

Dominguez, Eladio; Lloret, Jorge; Rubio, Angel Luis; Zapata, Maria Antonia
Dominguez, E
Lloret, J
Rubio, A
Zapata, M
Data Knowl. Eng. 65(3): 419-441 (2008)
Citations range: 
10 - 49

One of the most important challenges that software engineers (designers, developers) still have to face in their everyday work is the evolution of working database systems. As a step for the solution of this problem in this paper we propose MeDEA, which stands for Metamodel-based Database Evolution Architecture. MeDEA is a generic evolution architecture that allows us to maintain the traceability between the different artifacts involved in any database development process. MeDEA is generic in the sense that it is independent of the particular modeling techniques being used. In order to achieve this, a metamodeling approach has been followed for the development of MeDEA. The other basic characteristic of the architecture is the inclusion of a specific component devoted to storing the translation of conceptual schemas to logical ones. This component, which is one of the most noteworthy contributions of our approach, enables any modification (evolution) realized on a conceptual schema to be traced to the corresponding logical schema, without having to regenerate this schema from scratch, and furthermore to be propagated to the physical and extensional levels.