Schema mapping verification: the spicy way

Bonifati, A; Mecca, G; Pappalardo, A; Raunich, S; Summa, G
Bonifati, A
Mecca, G
Pappalardo, A
Raunich, S
Summa, G
EDBT '08
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50 - 99
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Schema mapping algorithms rely on value correspondences - i.e., correspondences among semantically related attributes - to produce complex transformations among data sources. These correspondences are either manually specified or suggested by separate modules called schema matchers. The quality of mappings produced by a mapping generation tool strongly depends on the quality of the input correspondences. In this paper, we introduce the Spicy system, a novel approach to the problem of verifying the quality of mappings. Spicy is based on a three-layer architecture, in which a schema matching module is used to provide input to a mapping generation module. Then, a third module, the mapping verification module, is used to check candidate mappings and choose the ones that represent better transformations of the source into the target. At the core of the system stands a new technique for comparing the structure and actual content of trees, called structural analysis. Experimental results show that, by carefully designing the comparison algorithm, it is possible to achieve both good scalability and high precision in mapping selection.