Top-k generation of integrated schemas based on directed and weighted correspondences

Radwan, A; Popa, L; Stanoi, IR; Younis, A
Radwan, A
Popa, L
Stanoi, IR
Younis, A
Proc. 35th SIGMOD Conf.
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10 - 49
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Schema integration is the problem of creating a unified target schema based on a set of existing source schemas and based on a set of correspondences that are the result of matching the source schemas. Previous methods for schema integration rely on the exploration, implicit or explicit, of the multiple design choices that are possible for the integrated schema. Such exploration relies heavily on user interaction; thus, it is time consuming and labor intensive. Furthermore, previous methods have ignored the additional information that typically results from the schema matching process, that is, the weights and in some cases the directions that are associated with the correspondences.

In this paper, we propose a more automatic approach to schema integration that is based on the use of directed and weighted correspondences between the concepts that appear in the source schemas. A key component of our approach is a novel top-k ranking algorithm for the automatic generation of the best candidate schemas. The algorithm gives more weight to schemas that combine the concepts with higher similarity or coverage. Thus, the algorithm makes certain decisions that otherwise would likely be taken by a human expert. We show that the algorithm runs in polynomial time and moreover has good performance in practice.