Clio: Schema mapping creation and data exchange

Fagin, R.; Haas, L; Hernandez, M; Miller, R; Popa, L; Velegrakis, Y.
Fagin, R.
Haas, L.
Hernandez, M.
Miller, R.
Popa, L.
Velegrakis, Y.
Conceptual Modeling: Foundations and Applications, LNCS 5600
Citations range: 
50 - 99

The Clio project provides tools that vastly simplify information integration. Information integration requires data conversions to bring data in different representations into a common form. Key contributions of Clio are the definition of non-procedural schema mappings to describe the relationship between data in heterogeneous schemas, a new paradigm in which we view the mapping creation process as one of query discovery, and algorithms for automatically generating queries for data transformation from the mappings. Clio provides algorithms to address the needs of two major information integration problems, namely, data integration and data exchange. In this chapter, we present our algorithms for both schema mapping creation via query discovery, and for query generation for data exchange. These algorithms can be used in pure relational, pure XML, nested relational, or mixed relational and nested contexts.