The harmony integration workbench

Mork, P; Seligman, L; Rosenthal, A; Korb, J.;Wolf, C.
Mork, P.
Seligman, L
Rosenthal, A.
Korb, J.
Wolf, C.
Journal on Data Semantics XI. LNCS 5383
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10 - 49

A key aspect of any data integration endeavor is determining the relationships between the source schemata and the target schema. This schema integration task must be tackled regardless of the integration architecture or mapping formalism. In this paper, we provide a task model for schema integration. We use this breakdown to motivate a workbench for schema integration in which multiple tools share a common knowledge repository. In particular, the workbench facilitates the interoperation of research prototypes for schema matching (which automatically identify likely semantic correspondences) with commercial schema mapping tools (which help produce instance-level transformations). Currently, each of these tools provides its own ad hoc representation of schemata and mappings; combining these tools requires aligning these representations. The workbench provides a common representation so that these tools can more rapidly be combined.