Generic Business Model Types for Enterprise Mashup Intermediaries

Hoyer, V; Stanoevska-Slabeva, K

The huge demand for situational and ad-hoc applications desired by the mass of business end users led to a new kind of Web applications, well-known as Enterprise Mashups. Users with no or limited programming skills are empowered to leverage in a collaborative manner existing Mashup components by combining and reusing company internal and external resources within minutes to new value added applications. Thereby, Enterprise Mashup environments interact as intermediaries to match the supply of providers and demand of consumers.

Enterprise mashups: Design principles towards the long tail of user needs

Hoyer, V; Stanoesvka-Slabeva, K; Janner, T.; Schroth, C.

A new type of Web-based applications, known as
Enterprise Mashups, has been gaining momentum in the
last years. Novel design principles are currently about to
emerge allowing to cover the long tail of user needs and
to provide individual and heterogeneous enterprise
applications in a shorter time. In this paper, we
introduce the main components of this new paradigm,
and discuss the design principles of the architecture
(Enterprise Mashup Stack), upcoming intermediaries and
mass collaboration, lightweight composition as well as
perpetual beta development model.

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