Incremental Schema Matching

Bernstein, P.A.; Melnik, S.; Churchill, J.E.
Bernstein, P
Melnik, S
Churchill, J
Proc. VLDB06 (Demo paper)
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50 - 99
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The goal of schema matching is to identify correspondences between the elements of two schemas.
Most schema matching systems calculate and display the entire set of correspondences in a single
shot. Invariably, the result presented to the engineer includes many false positives, especially for
large schemas. The user is often overwhelmed by all of the edges, annoyed by the false positives, and frustrated at the inability to see second- and third-best choices. We demonstrate a tool that circumvents these problems by doing the matching interactively. The tool suggests candidate matches for a selected schema element and allows convenient
navigation between the candidates. The ranking of match candidates is based on lexical similarity, schema structure, element types, and the history of prior matching actions. The technical challenges are to make the match algorithm fast enough for incremental matching in large schemas and to devise a user interface that avoids overwhelming the user. The tool has been integrated with a prototype version of Microsoft BizTalk Mapper, a visual programming tool for generating XML-to-XML mappings.