Semi-automatic model integration using matching transformations and weaving models

Del Fabro, M. D.; Valduriez, P.
Del Fabro, M
Valduriez, P
ACM Symp. on Applied Computing, 2007
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50 - 99
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Model transformations are at the heart of model driven engineering (MDE) and can be used in many different application scenarios. For instance, model transformations are used to integrate very large models. As a consequence, they are becoming more and more complex. However, these transformations are still developed manually. Several code patterns are implemented repetitively, increasing the probability of programming errors and reducing code reusability. There is not yet a complete solution that automates the development of model transformations. In this paper we propose a novel approach that uses matching transformations and weaving models to semi-automate the development of transformations. Matching transformations are a special kind of transformations that implement heuristics and algorithms to create weaving models. Weaving models are models that capture different kinds of relationships between models. Our solution enables to rapidly implement and to customize these heuristics. We combine different heuristics, and we propose a new metamodel-based heuristic that exploits metamodel data to automatically produce weaving models. The weaving models are derived into model integration transformations.