Impact analysis of database schema changes

Maule, Andy; Emmerich, Wolfgang; Rosenblum, David S.
Maule, A
Emmerich, W
Rosenblum, D
Proc. Int. Conf. Software Engineering
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10 - 49
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We propose static program analysis techniques for identifying the impact of relational database schema changes upon object-oriented applications. We use dataflow analysis to extract all possible database interactions that an application may make. We then use this information to predict the effects of schema change. We evaluate our approach with a case-study of a commercially available content management system, where we investigated 62 versions of between 70k-127k LoC and a schema size of up to 101 tables and 568 stored procedures. We demonstrate that the program analysis must be more precise, in terms of context-sensitivity than related work. However, increasing the precision of this analysis increases the computational cost. We use program slicing to reduce the size of the program that needs to be analyzed. Using this approach, we are able to analyse the case study in under 2 minutes on a standard desktop machine, with no false negatives and a low level of false positives.