Data Warehouses

Policy-regulated Management of ETL Evolution

Papastefanatos, G.; Vassiliadis, P.; Simitsis, A.; Vassiliou, Y.
Journal on Data Semantics (JoDS), Special issue on "Semantic Data Warehouses" (JoDS XIII), LNCS 5530, pp. 146-176, 2009, Springer

In this paper, we discuss the problem of performing impact prediction for changes that occur in the schema/structure of the data warehouse sources. We abstract Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) activities as queries and sequences of views. ETL activities and its sources are uniformly modeled as a graph that is annotated with policies for the management of evolution events. Given a change at an element of the graph, our method detects the parts of the graph that are affected by this change and highlights the way they are tuned to respond to it.

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