Ontology change: classification and survey

Flouris, G.; Manakanatas, D.; Kondylakis, H.; Plexousakis, D.; Antoniou, G.
The Knowledge Engineering Review

Ontologies play a key role in the advent of the Semantic Web. An important problem when dealing with ontologies is the modification of an existing ontology in response to a certain need for change. This problem is a complex and multifaceted one, because it can take several different forms and includes several related subproblems, like heterogeneity resolution or keeping track of ontology versions. As a result, it is being addressed by several different, but closely related and often overlapping research disciplines.

sPLMap: A Probabilistic Approach to Schema Matching

Nottelmann, H.; Straccia, U.
ECIR, 2005

This paper introduces the first formal framework for learning mappings
between heterogeneous schemas which is based on logics and probability
theory. This task, also called “schema matching”, is a crucial step in integrating
heterogeneous collections. As schemas may have different granularities, and as
schema attributes do not always match precisely, a general-purpose schema mapping
approach requires support for uncertain mappings, and mappings have to be
learned automatically. The framework combines different classifiers for finding

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