Representing and Querying Data Transformations

Velegrakis, Y.; Miller, R.J.; Mylopoulos, J.
ICDE 2005

Modern information systems often store data that has
been transformed and integrated from a variety of sources.
This integration may obscure the original source semantics
of data items. For many tasks, it is important to be
able to determine not only where data items originated,
but also why they appear in the integration as they do and
through what transformation they were derived. This problem
is known as data provenance. In this work, we consider
data provenance at the schema and mapping level. In particular,
we consider how to answer questions such as “what

Maintenance of Materialized Views: Problems, Techniques, and Applications

Gupta, A; Mumick, IS
Data Engineering Bulletin

In this paper we motivate and describe materialized views, their applications, and the problems and techniques for their maintenance. We present a taxonomy of view maintenance problems based upon the class of views considered, upon the resources used to maintain the view, upon the types of modications to the base data that are considered during maintenance, and whether the technique works for all instances of databases and modications. We describe some of the view maintenance techniques proposed in the literature in terms of our taxonomy.

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