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Evolving the Implementation of ISA Relationships in EER Schemas

Dominguez, Eladio; Lloret, Jorge; Rubio, Angel Luis; Zapata, Maria Antonia
Proceedings of the Workshop on Evolution and Change in Data Management (ECDM 2006), LNCS 4231, pp. 237-246

Abstract. One of the most severe problems related to database evolution
is how to reflect in the data level the changes that have occurred
in the conceptual schema of a database. This is specially relevant when
evolution operations affect ISA relationships. In this paper we present
our view of the evolution of ISA relationships, focusing on the artifacts
that generate the sentences for changing the data in a consistent way.

Correct Schema Transformations.

Qian, X.
Proc. EDBT 1996, LNCS 1057

We develop a formal basis of correct schema transformations. Schemas are formalized as abstract data types, and correct schema transformations are formalized as information-preserving signature interpretations. Our formalism captures transformations of all schema components, making it possible to transform uniformly constraints and queries along with structures. In addition, our formalism captures schema transformations between different data models as easily as those within the same data...

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